Friday, May 24, 2002

I thought only <i>I</i> had opinions.

Because Julian told me to, I've added a comment facility to MonkeySpeak. You can now add a comment to any article by clicking on the scroll next to the article, and then clicking on "Comment on this article"



  1. The url in this item pointing to Julian's site is malformed.

  2. Oops. Fixed. (Julian's domain is down since he moved, though, so
    the link still won't work.)

  3. Hooray! I can now post useless comments! Like this one!

  4. td told me to make it easier to
    add comments, and since I'm a responsive administrator (read: pushover), I've added a little pencil icon () to the article headers. Now you
    can start composing with just one click...
    Uh oh. That isn't covered by the 1-Click patent, is it? :)